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        • 产品名称: FD-TS·S80H1
        • 产品编号: FD-TS·S80H1
        • 上架时间: 2016-07-05
        • 浏览次数: 226


        MODEL: FD-TS·S80H1

        SIZE: 800*800*140

        MODEL: FD-TS·S90H1

        SIZE: 900*900*140


        New Sanitary Material - SMC

        SMC sanitary wares with the follow advantage:
        1.One-body shape,  The grid to strengthen structure in the back
        2.Precision mould pressing and in high temperature high pressure into; Size ,angle ,line ,and shape  can accurate performance product size and shape
        3.Installation conveniently and light
        4.Porudct with bright colored appearance, uniform color
        5.Smooth surface and good performance of maintaining temperature setting, good in strength ,not easy to break and fade
        6.Safety performance and Insulation degree is high,anti-aging, resistance to high temperature ,anti-skid and water-tight